The working principle and characteristic of drag pump

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concrete pump

Working principle:

First, put the material into the mixing tank, the mixing tank is driven by a motor, the mixed concrete into the hopper. Hopper material into the conveying cylinder, the conveying system by the hydraulic system to provide power, through the cylinder to promote the conveying cylinder, a suction a send, the concrete pump to the hydraulic distributor.


Power system, hydraulic system and pumping system match reasonable and effective motor maximum power.

1 pump double open hydraulic circuit system, circulation filter impurities, high cleanliness of hydraulic oil, reduce the chance of hydraulic damage.

2. The unique distribution of oil buffer technology, to ensure that the S-bend swing in place, reduce the wear between parts, prolong the service life.

3 Use quick change piston device, piston replacement is quick and convenient.

4 Intelligent electronic control technology.

5 The use of the machine to select the appropriate starting power, power, economy, emissions and cost to find a balance, can not only meet the requirements of limit use, but also make full use of fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions pollution.

The transport height and distance of the drag pump can reach several hundred meters, the need for pipe distribution, relatively small investment. Economic benefits.

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