Installation method of mobile hydraulic distributor

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Mobile hydraulic distributor

Mobile hydraulic distributor:

Mobile hydraulic distributor is a portable concrete pouring equipment, a wide range of application: road, bridge, floor and other construction projects, concrete pouring radius 17 meters, can be moved at any time tower crane.

Installation method:

1, split lifting, moving the weight of the cloth machine in about 6500KG, the general tower crane can not carry out the whole machine lifting, Xinrui Heavy Industry uses a reasonable design concept, the whole machine and configuration block separate lifting, complete the lifting range of the tower crane to meet the quan.

2. Under the legs, the pad is placed to enlarge the force area of the distributor when pouring, which makes the floor more heavy and the mobile distributor more stable. The impact of concrete pumping is relatively small.

3, strong randomness, mobile cloth machine is not like other cloth machine need welding or foundation, pouring a certain range can move the cloth machine, according to the pouring range and area to adjust the position.

4. When installing the mobile distributor, it is necessary to pay attention to the surrounding accessories without protruding steel structure or obstacles, so as to avoid restrictions and collisions when the boom is extended.

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