Advantages of internal climbing hydraulic distributor

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Internal climbing cloth machine

This cloth machine is used in the construction of high-rise buildings, generally can be installed inside the building elevator shaft, or on the floor of the building, this cloth machine has its own fixed height tower, has its own climbing system, can rise with the rise of the floor. After the completion of construction, it is necessary to use the characteristic roof crane or auxiliary equipment in the tower crane to dismantle to the ground.


1. The effective construction capacity is large, the internal climbing hydraulic distributor is installed in the elevator shaft of the building, and the construction area can reach 360° without dead Angle, which can greatly improve the construction capacity.

2 cost tower height is fixed, do not need to increase the tower crane standard section with the rise of the building, low manufacturing cost, the overall life and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

3. High efficiency Because the internal tower crane installed in the elevator shaft can turn 360°, greatly improve the pouring quality in the construction process, can be continuous pouring. Relatively long life

To sum up:

Internal climbing hydraulic cloth machine has its own climbing system, do not need manual frequent repeated operation support structure, effectively reduce the tower crane lifting and installation in the process of labor intensity, improve the construction efficiency, in the automatic climbing process, the upper and lower support plate at the same time, safe and reliable, can achieve a wide range of adaptation to any floor spacing climbing application.

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