Selection of hydraulic distributor for elevator shaft

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Elevator shaft hydraulic distributor

Selection of hydraulic distributor for elevator shaft:

The modern development of high-rise buildings, pumping concrete, are now using hydraulic type distributor. In the case of "Wuhan project - Jiangbei City", the engineering concrete pouring volume is larger, the wall is thicker, such as taking the floor inside the wall thickness has not reached the industry standard can not bear the floor inside the climbing cloth machine. So we choose the elevator shaft hydraulic distributor, because the elevator shaft is often strong. There are strong walls on both sides.

Selection standard:

1. Based on the amount of concrete poured, the actual average amount of single machine pouring, and the comprehensive configuration of operation time.

2. The elevator shaft selected by the distributor should be able to cover the pouring concrete range.

3. The elevator shaft is first buried with a reserved hole, and can bear the weight of the hydraulic distributor.

4. Remove sundries in elevator shaft quan.

The above example, taking into account the core elevator shaft climbing cloth machine just can be arranged, also buried reserved holes, climbing frame climbing will not occur collision, well enough to bear the elevator shaft hydraulic cloth machine, floor operation can complete quan covering pouring, so this project is often suitable for fei elevator shaft hydraulic cloth machine.

To sum up:

When choosing the distributor in the elevator shaft, we should consider all aspects of structural materials, equipment performance, automatic control ability, brand influence, and safety. Poor equipment, arm tube easy to wear, explosive tube, easy to block pipe, and found that some projects are because of the purchase of cheap equipment, basically more than a month or once. This not only delays the progress of the project, but also causes a waste in the project economy. This project selected the elevator shaft 28 meters of hydraulic cloth machine, economic and reasonable, strong use, is reasonable.

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