Construction and application of concrete distributor

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concrete distributor

Construction and application of concrete distributor

Concrete distributor is a kind of flexible lightweight convenient continuous pouring mechanical pouring equipment, is a new type of valuable, beneficial effect of pouring equipment, long product life, high safety, a wide range of pouring, good quality. For the rapid development of building construction technology, for group buildings and high-rise buildings, now are the use of concrete drag pump + concrete distributor conveying concrete pouring. Provide an important function.


There are base, rotary device, motor device, cloth device, boom, electric control cabinet.

Specific application:

Base: A selector attached to the upper part of the fabric boom support.

Rotating device: can be time uninterrupted rotation, connecting boom can be 360° rotation.

Motor device: is a device that provides power, so that the gear rotates, and then drives the boom of the body in rotation, which can make the boom, move left to right, and then be hydraulic, and then start pouring.

Distribution device: It is a concrete drag pump that provides power to the concrete and pumps the concrete to the point of distribution.

Boom: The boom is connected to the slewing mechanism.

Electric control cabinet: control jacking climbing system, or convert to boom system.

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