Hydraulic conveyer and installation and reinforcement

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1) Before setting up the vehicle-type distributor, it shall be established that the site has sufficient space for placing. Operation process space design, concrete distributor any part of the safety distance from other industrial equipment and engineering buildings can not be less than 0.6m.

2) The supporting surface should be flat and firm. It is OK to move the hydraulic distributor as long as the way of traction.

3) If it is climbing, it can be achieved by hoisting.

Reinforcement principle:

17 meters truck hydraulic cloth machine, reinforcement principle and similar concrete pump truck reinforcement is the same, the use of four legs balance stable reinforcement, with wireless remote control point spread four legs, and then put on the ground steadily, the use of control buttons to make the four legs up, legs spread out and put on the wood block, wood block play a large area of force, make the cloth machine more stable, Let the tires of the frame lift off the ground smoothly, with all four tires at the same height. Remember to lift your tires off the ground because they are elastic. There's going to be a tilt, which can lead to accidents.

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