Concrete distributor how to prevent security risks

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Concrete distributor

Concrete distributor is used more and more widely as modern construction machinery and equipment in the construction industry in the process of pouring plays an important role. If you do not pay attention to the operation, or not familiar with the operation of the cloth machine, safety awareness is not high or improper use of accidents, will cause inevitable losses to enterprises and workers. So we should know where the safety problems will be encountered in the use of the cloth machine. Timely inspection and maintenance is very necessary.

Safety precautions:

1. Hidden dangers caused by improper cloth operation during the operation of the cloth machine caused by the site staff's operation not in accordance with the standard operation.

2, the staff should pay attention to the surrounding environment when the cloth operation should pay attention to the hidden dangers of bypassing obstacles.

3. Check the mechanical equipment after finishing the work every day

4. Check the wearing parts regularly. If there is aging, replace them in time and check regularly.

5, according to the instructions of regular maintenance.

6, the use of cloth machine is prohibited in bad weather such as strong wind and rain.

7. The boom works for a long time. The welded boom has cracks and other conditions.

To sum up:

Safety standard operation is an important purpose of enterprise production safety. In the actual operation process, it will expand the efficiency and life of the equipment. Accelerated the process of our project construction. Can improve the level of our operators and safety meaning. Thus reducing the hidden danger in the construction of the concrete distributor.

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