Analysis and treatment of common faults of concrete distributor

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In the daily operation of the concrete distributor cloth, occasionally failure, in the case of failure we should immediately stop the construction, send full-time personnel for fault analysis, reprocessing.

The following are common faults and solutions caused by improper operation in construction and pouring:

Pressure gauge shows zero:

(1) Relief valve failure: exclusion method check solenoid valve line and relief valve

(2) Pressure gauge damage: need to be replaced.

Motor cannot start:

(1) Emergency stop without reset: need to check the reset.

(2) The control loop cannot provide voltage: replace the transformer.

(3) The contactor can not suction problem: check whether the control route is loose or damaged; Emergency stop thermal relay, start button, start loop normally closed contact.

A boom does not move:

(1) solenoid valve problem: check the solenoid valve line problem, there is no voltage;

(2) The quick connector is not in place: it needs to be reinstalled

Wireless remote control operation boom, boom does not move:

(1) In the wireless remote control receiving box, the socket corresponding to the secondary price is in bad contact or damaged: open the wireless remote control receiving box, plug in all plugs tightly, and tighten the wiring screws.

(2) Wireless remote control communication rate received interference: need to replace the wireless remote control.

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