Car hydraulic distributor operation steps

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Car hydraulic distributor

Preparation steps:

(1) Place the vehicle-mounted hydraulic distributor in sufficient space.

(2) Place the counterweight block at the counterweight device at the tail of the equipment of the distributor (the counterweight device must be installed before the boom, otherwise the car will overturn).

(3) Connect the concrete transport pump pipe.

(4) Connect the power supply and turn on the power supply.

(5) Adjust the leg/arm button of the electric control box to the leg gear position.

(6) After spreading the leg, insert the leg fixing pin.

(7) The operation handle, the 4 legs up (pay attention to the leg below the pad on the wood block, the wood block plays a large area of force, so that the cloth machine is more stable, so that the tire frame body off the ground smoothly, four tires off the ground height to be the same. Remember to keep the wheels off the ground smoothly because the tires are elastic. There will be a tilt, resulting in an accident).

(8) Wireless remote control operation: click the start button, hear the horn, press the oil pump start button, when you hear the humming sound, the oil pump starts.

Starting boom:

(1) Adjust the button of the electric cabinet to the gear position of the boom

(2) Press the wireless remote control to start the 1 arm key (big arm) up, start the big arm to rise vertically to 85°, when the protection hook automatically hangs down, raise 2 arms.

(3) Press 2 arms upwards and raise 2 arms to 70°.

(4) Raise 3 arms to the position you want to pour.

Note: The operator of the wireless remote control should judge the height of the surrounding environment of the boom, in order to prevent the collision of the cloth and other obstacles resulting in damage to the equipment.

Folding arm:

(1) The big arm should stand upright, and then press the 3 arm down button to retract the arm.

(2) When it is next to the 2 arms, press the 2 arms down button to withdraw the 2 arms.

(3) Second, the large arm. Press 1 to go down. Until the arm gets stuck in the Cardonry and stops.

(4) Then the button of the electric control box is adjusted to the position of the leg button, and the leg is started.

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