Maintenance of hydraulic concrete distributor

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In order to ensure the safety of the concrete distributor operation, the maintenance inspection of the fabric arm needs to be implemented regularly. When the next layer needs to be poured after the concrete distributor has poured a layer, the hanging height cannot meet the pouring of the next layer, the floor should be cleaned and the equipment should be checked before the jacking up, so as to make a good foundation for the next concrete pouring.

When the boom is closed, whether the hydraulic oil level is lower than half of the hydraulic oil, it is necessary to supplement the hydraulic oil, replace the hydraulic oil once a year, and replace the hydraulic oil and clean the hydraulic system when the hydraulic oil is emulsified.

Concrete distributor

Daily inspection:

Check whether the bolts are loose before each operation.

Check whether the electrical system works properly before operation

Check the hydraulic oil level for leakage of hydraulic components

Check whether the link bolts, clamp plates and pin shafts are loose.

Monthly inspection:

Check that the swing stopper is working properly

Check whether the rotary reducer has abnormal fever and sound

Check the grounding resistance of the electrical cable, metal shell, and metal structure of the electrical equipment

Regularly lubricate each movable pin shaft, rotating platform gear and butter nozzle, according to the frequency of use for about 3 months.

Concrete distributor

Concrete distributor

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