Elevator shaft climbing concrete distributor structure

2023-02-08 12:53:58 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Internal climbing distributor

Internal climbing distributor can be divided into floor fixed climbing and frame elevator shaft climbing. Then let's take a look at the frame elevator shaft climbing distributor suitable for concrete pouring construction of high-rise buildings. The climbing device of this cloth machine does not need manual movement and frequent tower crane. Through its climbing device, it can climb independently, save manpower, improve safety and significantly improve construction efficiency and pouring quality, and reduce labor intensity.

Structure form:

Elevator shaft climbing concrete distributor is composed of boom assembly (three-arm R-type), upper support, rotary support, lower support, intermediate platform, hydraulic system, column, electrical system, climbing device, bottom frame and concrete foundation. The boom consists of three sections of type R, and the boom is extended and folded by wireless remote control of the hydraulic cylinder. The concrete can be transported from the ground to the entire floor to the entire construction surface. The climbing device is installed between the tower and the floor elevator shaft, which can automatically climb with the rise of the floor in the building elevator shaft. The boom can achieve 360° rotation. Can be a wide range of cloth, can achieve one-time pouring, no cold seam generation. It improves the quality of the building.

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