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Concrete distributor

At present, affected by the epidemic unsealing, the construction of various engineering projects are being carried out urgently. A large number of concrete distributing machines are involved in the concrete pouring construction, which of course requires more concrete distributing machines to use personnel to operate equipment. Because of the advanced technology of concrete distributing machine and the complexity of maintenance, it is necessary to require every concrete punching personnel to strictly master the basic operation of equipment, as well as other matters needing attention, so how to become a qualified concrete pumping personnel operator?

As a qualified operator of concrete distributing machine pumping personnel, we need to do a good job before work safety technology disclosure.

Every time before operation, we need to carefully check the concrete distributor and other equipment in time to see whether there is failure or oil leakage. Failure is to take timely measures to solve the problem maintenance. Can do early detection, early solution. This is also to extend the life of the concrete distributor. The concrete spreader is not allowed to work "sick". If the sick work to the construction side will bring serious losses and property life safety. In case of failure, you must immediately stop waiting for the concrete distributor and wait for the after-sales personnel to come and deal with the problem.

So before and after the operation, do a good job of careful inspection of the cloth machine, take care of the machine and equipment, assume their responsibilities, and contribute to their own project.

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