Distribution machine safety technology disclosure

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Cloth rod

Material rod safety technology disclosure

As a qualified operator of concrete dispensing machine pumping personnel, we need to disclose the safety technology before work.

Before work, it is necessary to strictly check whether the concrete conveying pump pipe card is locked.

2 The distributor should keep a certain safe distance from other buildings, high voltage wires, electrical equipment and other obstacles, and ensure that the distributor has enough space for free rotation and extension.

3. The installation of the basic distributor must be stable and firm. The tower crane must keep the center of gravity stable when moving and the safety factor standard of the tower crane.

It is strictly prohibited to use the plastic hose at the end whose size exceeds 3 meters for pouring. Do not insert the plastic hose into the poured concrete. It is strictly required to operate according to the application range of the distributor.

5 Check that the electrical appliances are firmly installed, the plugs are connected correctly, there should be no obstacles in the working area, and there should be idle personnel in the working area of the cloth machine.

6 When the wind exceeds 13.8m/s (Level 6 wind), it is strictly prohibited to run the distributor. When the wind exceeds 7.78m/s (level 4 wind), it is strictly prohibited to install and disassemble the cloth machine, internal climbing self-lifting.

7. During the process of returning, it is strictly prohibited to brake or operate in the opposite direction when the distributor is not stopped. The connecting head hoop at the return point can not be fixed too tightly. The flexibility of rotation or single direction rotation must be ensured. Cleaning work must be done and lubricating liquid must be used to lubricate the rotary joint hoop seal once per shift.

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