Common accident types of vehicle concrete distributor

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Concrete distributor

Common accident types of vehicle concrete distributor

1 Rollover: vehicle cloth machine to park in the solid and flat construction site, leg spread, pay attention to the lower leg cushion on the wood block, wood block play a large area of force, make the cloth machine more stable, let the tire frame body smoothly off the ground, four tires off the ground height to be the same. Remember to keep the wheels off the ground smoothly because the tires are elastic. There's going to be a tilt, which can lead to accidents.

2. People standing under the boom: It is strictly prohibited to stand on the boom of the concrete distributor or perform construction operations. If the operation rules are violated, accidents will be easily caused.

3. When the work is finished: because the workers are in a hurry to finish the work, they start to recover the leg without the boom, which is easy to cause rollover accident.

4 Away from high voltage lines: the placement of vehicle-mounted concrete distributor, need to stay away from high voltage lines, and placed on the ground is solid and flat.

5. Boom fatigue: The boom fatigue cracks, and the boom will be deformed if it needs to bear the huge impact force of pumping when working. If the daily inspection and maintenance is not timely, it is easy to cause accidents or machine failures.

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