Vehicle concrete distributor maintenance and reinforcement

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Car mounted concrete distributor

Vehicle concrete distributor maintenance and reinforcement

Maintenance: In order to ensure that the vehicle-mounted concrete distributor is in good working condition and extend the service life of the construction operation, the inspection and maintenance need to be done in use:

Before starting and finishing, it is necessary to check whether bolts are loose, hydraulic components and boom system have oil leakage and cracking and aging phenomenon.

2 Regularly add butter to the butter nozzle and the moving parts of each pin shaft.

3 Check the grounding resistance of the electrical cable and metal structure of the electrical equipment.

Reinforcement method:

Vehicle concrete cloth machine to park in a solid and flat spread of the construction site, leg spread, pay attention to the lower leg pad on the wood block, wood block play a large area of force, make the cloth machine more stable, so that the tire frame body smoothly off the ground, four tires off the ground height to be the same. Remember to keep the wheels off the ground smoothly because the tires are elastic. There's going to be a tilt, which can lead to accidents.

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