Concrete drag pump sound big, so solve

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Concrete towing pump

With the increase of the use of time, theconcrete pumpis likely to produce a lot of sound, the construction side must carefully check the cause of the fault sound. So how do you check? Now we introduce the details as follows.

Problem analysis

In the pouring process, if the drag pump suddenly issued a rhythmic "gurgling" sound, and the pressure pulse is very large, then it is necessary to carefully debate and listen to determine the sound issued by the hydraulic pump. If the pump leaves the factory, the service life has not reached, then according to the normal use, the pump components will not be damaged, at this time can be judged to be due to the air into the pump and caused by this noise.


In view of this situation, the main hydraulic pump can be discharged, if the fault still exists when the test machine, you can remove the main hydraulic pump for disintegration, such as the slipper and plunger has been found to be "separated", at this time may wish to replace the main hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil and filter element, and clean the hydraulic system. It was found that the towing pump returned to normal after a second try. The analysis showed that the slipper and plunger of the main hydraulic pump of the towing pump had been damaged prematurely, and the main reason was serious pollution of hydraulic oil.

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