The details of hose operation of the condensate pump car should be paid attention to

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Concrete pump car hose should also pay attention to the operation skills, if you do not pay attention to, easy to cause hose blockage and even explosion. The following three aspects should be noted in the hose operation process: First, contact the front hose operator when starting or stopping the concrete pumping. The bending radius of the front hose should be greater than 1m. Operators are not allowed to stand at the outlet of the pipe to prevent the sudden ejection of concrete material.

Concrete pump truck

The conveying pipe of small concrete pump truck should be fixed and padded. It is strictly prohibited to bend the conveying hose to avoid the hose explosion. When the pipeline is blocked and pumped after treatment, the end of the soft joint will swing rapidly, the concrete may be sprayed momentarily, and the staff shall not be near the hose.

Do not stand on the corner of the building with the end hose in hand. The shaking of the hose or the concrete jet may cause the operator to fall.

Two, in the small concrete pump truck before pumping concrete, first pump water, check the pipe card, to ensure that the seal is not permeable, and then pump pipe lubricant, generally use mortar, can also use cement slurry. The mortar is poured into the hopper for pressure feeding. When the mortar is about to be pressed, it can be poured into the concrete that meets the requirements for normal pressure feeding. If the mortar pressure feeding is blocked, the front section of the pipe can be removed, the internal dewatering block can be taken out, and the pipe can be connected properly.

3. When the small concrete pump truck is running, it is strictly prohibited to reach into the hopper and water tank. Pumping in the process of concrete material should ensure that above the axis of mixing, no suction or no material pumping. If the pumping is suspended for a long time, it is necessary to start the pump every (15-30)min, reverse the pump for 1-2 strokes, and then forward the pump for 1-2 strokes, in order to prevent the concrete material in the pipe from condensing.

Small concrete pump car hose precautions are also many, remind you to often check the hose safety chain and boom connection is firm, pump car operation should pay attention to prevent rubber hose bending blockage. Safe operation standards, civilized construction, safe construction.

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