Do not make the following mistakes when repairing concrete truck-mounted pumps

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Vehicle mounted pump

Now, the use of concrete truck-mounted pumps in rural and urban areas is more and more, many skilled operators of the truck-mounted pump performance, structure, and operation principle have some understanding, therefore, when the truck-mounted pump happens a little fault, they can solve their own, do not need to go to the repair shop. Not only save money and effort, but also don't lose work.

However, compared with specialized maintenance personnel, the ability of the operator is limited after all, they have not received systematic and comprehensive maintenance knowledge training, they only have a half-understanding of maintenance knowledge, many of them are from experience, some details to pay attention to things they tend to ignore, which is likely to happen the worse the repair of the vehicle pump. Therefore, in the maintenance of the vehicle pump, some rules must be observed.

1. When repairing the vehicle pump, please read the manual carefully. If there are any procedure or technical problems, please consult the after-sales service department in time.

2. In order to ensure that no accidents will occur during maintenance, the power engine should be turned off first. Release the accumulator pressure and ensure that all electrical buttons are in the off position.

3. When electric welding is needed on the vehicle pump, the high pressure generated may damage the electronic components of the remote control system and the wired control system, so it must be done before electric application:

Remove the remote control plug from the remote control socket and cover the connecting socket with the cover.

Remove the positive and negative connectors from the battery.

Dispose of fuel oil, hydraulic fluid and other functional liquids (battery electrolyte) to eliminate the possibility of combustion and explosion. Please comply with the safety regulations and local laws and regulations. Do not dispose of the product without authorization.

4. It is not allowed to use compressed air to clean pipes and remove clogs. Do not use seawater or salt water to add to the tank or hopper.

5, do not put the tool on the battery, beware of the battery positive and negative butt, or the positive electrode of the power supply lap metal; To prevent discharge, harm to the human body

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