What are the advantages of concrete pump truck multiple Bridges

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Concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck model

Concrete pump car on the market at present pump car models from 25 meters to 101 meters specifications model is complete, the size of the concrete pump car also determines the number of chassis bridge, 25 meters -38 meters are generally two Bridges are more common, 38 meters -52 meters of three Bridges is more common, 52 meters above the need to be determined according to the body and weight.

Concrete pump car a few Bridges better

This problem needs to be based on the situation of the road surface and the situation of the construction site. In countries with more developed roads, the number of Bridges can be chosen to be less. When turning the corner or reversing, the number of Bridges will be more flexible.

Safety comparison of concrete pump axle number

The bridge number of the concrete pump truck is less suitable for the road and the project is better environment, the weight of the concrete pump truck is relatively large, in the complex road driving, the bridge more stress point is more, so in the bumpy driving environment, but also to ensure the stability and safety of the concrete pump car.

Therefore, the comparison between more and less concrete pump truck Bridges is determined according to the environment.

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