Concrete pump truck hydraulic system abnormal noise rapid processing skills

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Concrete pump truck

The noise of the plunger pump or motor of the pump car

Cause aspect

Suction phenomenon is one of the main reasons for the high noise of hydraulic pump. When air is mixed into the oil, cavitation phenomenon is easy to form in the high-pressure area and spread in the form of pressure waves, causing oil oscillation and cavitation noise in the system. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The oil filter and oil inlet pipe of the hydraulic pump are blocked or the oil viscosity is too high, which can cause the vacuum degree at the oil inlet of the pump to be too high, so that the air penetrates.

2. The oil seal at the end of the hydraulic pump and pilot pump shaft is damaged, or the oil inlet pipe is sealed badly, resulting in air entry.

When high noise occurs in the work of hydraulic pump of concrete pump truck, the above parts should be checked first, and the problems should be dealt with in time.

Storage of batteries

1. The battery of the small pump car should be removed and placed in a dry and anti-freezing place. To keep the surface clean and dry, do not place conductive objects on the battery. When removing the battery, first cut off the negative line, and then cut off the positive line; Install to connect the positive line first, then connect the negative line. Mechanical and electrical systems of engineering concrete are all negative poles, which is to prevent short circuit when disassembling and assembling batteries.

2, lead-acid battery should be charged once a month.

3, concrete pump truck hydraulic pump valve plate is also one of the important components easy to cause noise. In use, the valve plate will shorten the unloading groove and change the unloading position because of surface wear or oil mud deposition at the opening of the unloading groove, resulting in trapped oil phenomenon, and then cause higher noise.

Summarize the problem

In the normal repair process, the valve plate repaired by flat grinding will also have the consequence that the unloading groove becomes shorter. At this time, if it is not properly slimmed in time, it will also produce larger noise. In the assembly process, the large unloading groove of the valve plate must be installed in the high pressure chamber of the pump, and the direction of the sharp Angle and the rotation of the cylinder block must be relative, otherwise it will also bring greater noise to the system.

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