Concrete pump easy to damage the parts

2023-02-07 13:14:20 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

There are many wearing parts in the configuration of concrete conveying pump. What do we know about the wearing parts? What chain reaction will occur when parts are damaged, so let's take a look at the vulnerable parts of the concrete pump!

Concrete pipe

Concrete pipe is also particularly easy to damage a kind of accessories, at present, the price of concrete pipe on our market is different, the material is different, people who know the material will have requirements (high manganese steel) containing this material

The service life of concrete conveying pipe is relatively long, wear resistance, not explosive pipe.

Other common metal conveying pipe is particularly easy to damage, concrete can not play much of the delivery pipe burst or burst.

Eyeglass plate

Glasses plate and cutting ring are two kinds of accessories in the pumping equipment is also a kind of wearing parts, the friction between the cutting ring and glasses plate leads to mutual damage, who is hard who is strong.


So friction between metals ends badly for both.

S valve is also a kind of vulnerable consumption parts, but the service life of S valve is generally longer than that of other vulnerable parts, but when the concrete square reaches a certain amount, the stone sand in the concrete will also carry out friction on the S valve and cause damage.

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