The advantages of hydraulic cloth machine

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Hydraulic cloth machine is an extension of the traditional cloth machine of an intelligent concrete cloth machine, on the basis of the traditional cloth machine to improve the operation of inconvenience and personnel costs and pouring efficiency of a new type of cloth machine.

Hydraulic distributor

Hydraulic cloth machine has the following advantages:

1. Convenient and simple operation

The hydraulic distributor is much simpler than the traditional distributor in operation. The climbing of the column adopts the hydraulic jacking mode. The column is lifted with the number of pouring layers of the floor.

Wireless remote control of the distribution machine boom rotation and boom rise movement, can avoid the floor of the steel structure and obstacles.

Hydraulic distributor

2. Cost saving of personnel

Hydraulic distributing machine is also a kind of concrete distributing machine which saves labor cost. Traditional distributing machine is mostly horizontal arm distributing. When there is vibration in conveying concrete, about 3 people need to support pipes and columns.

The hydraulic distributor does not need to support the pipe phenomenon. When selecting, the personnel need to use the rope to pull the boom to rotate. The hydraulic distributor can be selected by wireless remote control.

Traditional cloth machine

3. High pouring efficiency

The pouring efficiency of hydraulic cloth machine is more than 3 times that of traditional cloth machine. In summary, the saving of personnel and the waste of time are all efficiency.

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