Precautions for installation of hydraulic distributor

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Hydraulic distributor

The safety of hydraulic distributor is very important in the construction. In order to seriously implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first", fully mobilize the safety awareness of all employees, and ensure safe production, the unloading and installation operations of the site distributor are the object, the following safety technology and preventive measures are formulated. In order to prevent cable leakage injury, the three-phase five-wire system should be adopted, "three-level power distribution", "two-level protection", the implementation of one machine, one gate and one insurance, the lighting line of the equipment is installed separately, placed nearby, in case of emergency can be pulled.

The distribution box must be equipped with two levels of protection. The distribution box should be equipped with doors, locks, rain and moisture-proof facilities, and special personnel should be instructed to take charge of it. Fuse shall be installed according to power consumption. Steel, aluminum and zinc wires shall not be used instead of fuse wires. All construction site personnel must wear safety helmets, slippers or bare feet are strictly prohibited on site, and safety personnel must command the crane construction on site when unloading and installing the crane manually. Construction personnel must use ropes to control the direction of steel components in the lifting process.

Hydraulic distributor

The site safety officer keeps abreast of the site situation at any time. In the construction process, no miscellaneous people are allowed to approach the hoisting site. In the construction site, all kinds of mechanical drivers are strictly prohibited from driving after drinking alcohol. Crane drivers must operate according to the requirements of the safety personnel on site, and must not operate barbarously. Good lighting should be provided during night operation. In the assembly and installation process of hydraulic distributor, construction personnel must wear safety belts when working at altitude, and the safety belts must be hung in places where they can be stressed. Construction cables must be aerial or buried in the ground, not in the ground. Construction wire should be overhead, can not drag wire and wire soaked or buried by earth and stone, wire is strictly prohibited to be tied to the steel cage or other iron support.

Before operating hand-held power tools, check the insulation of the device and wear clothing, insulation gloves, and insulation shoes. Site electricians must be licensed to work, and their technical level should be commensurate with the work they undertake. The electrician on duty should check all electrical equipment and lines once a day; Timely replacement of aging, worn or defective components. Especially emphasis on the detection of leakage protection devices, once found to be out of order, must be timely maintenance or replacement. Non-electricians are not allowed to touch, install, disassemble or repair electrical equipment.

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