Operation details of internal climbing hydraulic distributor

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How to operate the internal climbing hydraulic distributor is a lot of people are confused about the problem, so when the operation of safety matters we should pay attention to what?

Internal climbing hydraulic distributor

Classification of internal climbing hydraulic cloth machine: 1, floor climbing hydraulic cloth machine 2, elevator shaft climbing hydraulic cloth machine these two types.

Operation of hydraulic distributor inside the floor: according to the pouring range of the floor, open the reserved hole of the distributor in the center of the floor for installation, which can cover the 360 degree range of the rectification pouring surface. The installation shall be based on the floor bearing weight and tower crane lifting weight unit.

If the floor bearing capacity fails to meet the requirements, collapse accidents will occur. The tower crane lifting unit cannot be installed if it fails to meet the requirements. When the wind speed reaches 13.8m/s or less, operation is prohibited.

Elevator shaft climbing distributor

Elevator shaft climbing hydraulic distributor operation:

Elevator shaft climbing distributor is the use of the elevator shaft reserved hole for the installation of the distributor, so as to avoid opening holes again, but if the elevator shaft in the center of the location is good, then there is a certain deviation, we should consider the scope of the installation of the distributor,

Therefore, not every building's elevator shaft location is in the center point, the installation operation should pay attention to the bearing capacity of the elevator shaft side hole, the operation is prohibited when the wind reaches 13.8m/s or less.

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