How should the concrete spreader be maintained and inspected

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When pouring the concrete cloth machine, professionals should be sent to often observe the steel bars, holes, embedded parts, inserts and so on, whether there is deviation deformation or obstruction. If the problem is found, irrigation should be done immediately and the concrete should be repaired before the initial setting of pouring. After pouring, check whether the surface layer of the building steel bar or the fabric bar can be seriously contaminated by concrete, and immediately clean. Concrete distributor should be carried out according to the sections when pouring concrete, and the relative height of each layer pouring should be determined according to the structural characteristics and the density of reinforcing bars in the building. The relative height of the plug-in vibrator is usually 1.25 times of the size of the acting part, and the larger size is not more than 500mm; The layered plate thickness of the concrete vibrator is 200mm. Subsequently, the selection of plug-in vibrator should achieve fast insertion and slow removal, insertion points should be evenly arranged, moved point by point, arranged in order to develop, can not be ignored, to achieve symmetrical vibration. The moving interval of the distributor shall not exceed 1.5 times of the action radius of the vibrator bar (usually 300 ~ 400mm), and the interval near the template shall not be less than 200mm. Vibrator on a layer to insert the lower concrete surface 50 ~ 100mm, to remove the joint between the two layers. The moving interval of the concrete vibrator bar should ensure that the plate of the vibrator covers the edge of the vibrated part. Also, pouring concrete should be continued. If intermittency is necessary, its intermittency time should be reduced as much as possible, and the secondary layer of concrete pouring should be completed before the initial setting of the former layer of concrete. Intermittent for a long time should be defined according to all types of concrete and concrete initial setting standard, usually super (1), cloth machine to carry out concrete pouring construction needs to ensure that there is sufficient work area on the spot, the specific location of the center of the cloth machine body and engineering construction work facing the edge interval should not be less than 1.5 times the total relative height of the body frame, Adequate spacing shall be ensured for high-voltage transmission routes and other obstructions in accordance with the standard and relevant standard and standard;

2. In the working link of the cloth machine, other items can not be stored within the radius of rotation, and ensure that there is no staff retention under the suspension; When the distributor works, it is forbidden to connect other concrete pump pipes of different lengths to the ash outlet of the connecting pipe in the front

3. Before the cloth machine is put into use, the connection points of the frame structure should be inspected and corrected, to check whether the welding is open welding or rust, whether the screw is loose deformation, whether the joint connection is strong, whether the rotary system is sensitive, etc.;

4, the cloth machine selection and storage, should ensure that the support point surface is flat and firm, floor concrete pouring construction should ensure that the foot has a band of tiptoe, tiptoe can be used for template production and processing or polyethylene rubber pad, tiptoe to use steel wire bundle on the support foot, to prevent lifting rolling.

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