Hydraulic cloth machine concrete how to play super high rise

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At present, there are more and more floors of super high-rise buildings in China, so what type of cloth machine is better for concrete pouring, which is worth thinking about by the construction unit. Many buildings are still using the traditional concrete pouring method for construction. Have we calculated the efficiency and personnel cost?

We should use intelligent and rational mechanical equipment for concrete pouring.

Story Case: A construction company has a super high-rise building project with a height of more than 200 meters. During the bidding, the budget of concrete pumping equipment is very low, which can almost be said to be the traditional way for concrete pouring. When the construction began, an embarrassing problem occurred.

The loss of water leads to the deterioration of concrete, and the efficiency is not up to, the project manager will try to solve the problem, through various understanding, hydraulic cloth machine in the super high-rise building has a mature and good case, so the project manager let the equipment department contact the hydraulic cloth machine manufacturer (Xinrui Heavy Industry), after the telephone communication after in-depth understanding, Hydraulic fabric manufacturers (Xinrui Heavy Industry) related business personnel to the site communication and fabric explanation, completely solve the problem of concrete pouring and efficiency, when the hydraulic fabric machine installation, concrete pouring, wireless remote control operation, pouring personnel have a safety guarantee, just know that the field of concrete fabric has evolved to intelligent, Therefore, it brings a lot of convenience and benefits to the project.

Advantages of hydraulic cloth machine hit super high level: The concrete will not deteriorate during the time of distributing, and the labor consumption and pouring efficiency will be greatly reduced. The labor cost can be reduced by about 3 people. Calculated according to the average salary of a year, the personnel cost consumed by the project completion can almost be the cost of buying a hydraulic distributing machine, which is more than 3 times the efficiency of traditional concrete pouring, and the project can be completed more than 20 days in advance. So after reasonable calculation, the advance of the project schedule or the consumption of personnel costs can be reduced, wireless remote control operation, so that the concrete distribution personnel have a security.

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