Hydraulic distributor and the combination of climbing die three benefits

2023-02-04 11:09:48 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Hydraulic fabric machine

Hydraulic fabric machine successfully installed on the climbing mold with concrete fabric, there are many cases in domestic construction projects, currently relatively mature in China, so the combination of hydraulic fabric and climbing mold promotes the construction progress at the same time, but also makes personnel cost saving a lot,

The traditional concrete dispensing machine will consume a lot of personnel, and the efficiency is not very significant. Through the integration of the climbing mold and the hydraulic dispensing machine, after each floor is poured, the climbing mold also drives the hydraulic dispensing machine to climb together, playing a synchronous role.

Advantage 1.

Personnel cost saving, remote wireless remote control 1 to 2 people can carry out the concrete pouring task, without the tower crane lifting or moving, occupying other resources consumption.

Advantage two,

The improvement of efficiency promotes the construction progress. The cooperation of hydraulic distributor and climbing mold can make the construction progress more than 3 times that of traditional concrete pouring, and the concrete will not deteriorate and cold joints.

Benefit three,

The service life of hydraulic cloth machine, traditional cloth machine life is not long, can not be used for a long time, so it is also disposable consumables, a project completion basic needs a hydraulic cloth machine, the life of about 10 years, general projects can be completed about 4, the overall accounting down,

The personnel cost saved by the completion of a project has been able to purchase a hydraulic distributing machine, and the construction effect is not considered.

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