How to maintain hydraulic distributor

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Hydraulic distributor

Maintenance of hydraulic distributor is a relatively simple way, and the execution of preventive maintenance of key equipment should be supervised by the quality management system. For product quality problems or large and frequent equipment failures,

Equipment failure should be analyzed and corrective action taken according to established procedures. The equipment failure trend chart should be established to determine the reliability and future working condition of the distributor by reviewing and analyzing it.

And take corresponding measures for preventive improvement. Usually refers to the examination of the suitability of the technical specifications of the equipment to be ordered and the selection of suppliers.

Perfect design confirmation is the basis to ensure that user needs and equipment efficiency can be realized. For standard equipment, selection confirmation according to user needs can be exempted from design confirmation, and for non-standard equipment, design confirmation must be carried out.

Design confirmation is from the performance of the equipment, process parameters, price to check whether the process operation, correction, maintenance, cleaning and so on is in line with the production requirements.

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