Hydraulic cloth machine how to improve pouring efficiency tips

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Hydraulic cloth machine rupture or leakage pipe is a common problem, demolition consumes a lot of time and labor costs, the construction unit for this is helpless, can only silently dismantle the new soil conveying pipe, do you think your soil conveying pipe can achieve the desired amount of transmission, so let's look at our selection and use of actual effect?

Why the suspected soil transmission pipeline is broken:

In the process of using the conveying pipeline to transfer the mixed soil, gravel, sand and other mixed soil friction with the conveying pipeline, long-term will be the thickness of the conveying pipeline damage (wear thin), conveying pipeline bearing a lot of working pressure, so that the conveying pipeline can not bear the corresponding working pressure, resulting in the rupture of the conveying pipeline.

Hydraulic dispenser to improve the efficiency of concrete pouring tips.

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What harm does the road rupture of the suspected soil conveying pipe have?

Mixed soil pipeline rupture is a very dangerous thing. Many construction units are very afraid of the damage of the broken pipe. If there are staff beside them, they may hurt the staff, which is what the construction units do not want to see.

Hydraulic dispenser to improve the efficiency of concrete pouring tips.

Hydraulic distributor.

The second is the loss of mixed soil, when the pipeline is broken, the concrete pumping can not be sustained concrete pouring, so the mixed soil of the transfer cylinder can be returned in the opposite direction, the above position of the pipeline is broken, we can not return to the mixing bucket, so as to flow to the ground, resulting in a waste of mixed soil.

How can construction be made safer and more efficient?

All the above mentioned are mixed soil pipeline, so how can we better highlight its advantages in the key point of pipeline?

Hydraulic dispenser to improve the efficiency of concrete pouring tips.

Hydraulic distributor.

1, mixed soil conveying pipeline and concrete label can equal, many construction units on the pipeline concept is not large, as long as can transmit mixed soil, but play not much square, it will break, then see the pipeline transmission of mixed soil is C30 commonly used label or C40 label above the mixed soil, Usually, the service life of the conveying pipeline pumping high grade mixed soil will be greatly shortened, so it will be damaged not much. We should consider the use of high grade mixed soil for transmission. At present, the high material conveying pipeline (55 manganese) on the market, and many C40 high grade mixed soil transmission have better wear resistance.

2, the thickness of the pipeline is also a kind of strict requirements of many construction units, so the ordinary material of the pipeline from 4.5MM to 6MM, the price is different, pumping C30 standard mixed soil ordinary pipeline can be, but pumping C40 standard mixed soil above, it is necessary to use 55 manganese material of the pipeline, long service life, Save a lot of tube changing process.

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