Concrete distributor installation and commissioning process

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Concrete distributor

Before installing a concrete distributor, place a support, install the four legs in a certain place, and then pin them down. Lift the support node, align it with the lower support seat connecting screw hole, and then tighten it with screws. This connection has no direction, so it is easy to maintain stable lifting and connection. Put the vertical pipe into the support section and temporarily lock it with the pin.

Install balanced heavy beam and bearing beam, install leveling pipe, and determine the level after installing two pull bars, so that the core is raised about 0.5 meters. Connect the overhanging pipe and the outlet bend, determine the diagonal brace steel rope to the necessary length, clamp with the steel wire rope, adjust the relative height of the cloth, the outlet end of the overhanging pipe should be slightly higher than the back, then rotate the overhanging pipe to the bottom, clamp with the steel wire rope, clamp with the steel wire rope, temporary bolt.

Hydraulic distributor

Lift the installed bearing beam, align the rotating support under the bearing beam with the connecting hole at the upper end of the support point section, and then determine with screws, so that the connection has no orientation. Lift the weight box, then the overhanging pipe can be developed.

The column pipe and the bearing beam feeding elbow are connected in the support point section. Rubber gaskets must be used at the connection. After the concrete conveying pump pipe is connected, it is necessary to check whether the screws can be tightened. In the test operation, the use of large rope to manipulate the concrete cloth mouth and the middle bend of the rod arm, run for a week in a large effect range, the stability of the cloth machine, safety, cloth range and so on all meet the needs.

After the completion of the above operations, the installation of the concrete distributor is finished, and then connected with the pumping concrete pipeline. After the installation is completed, the safety inspection team will carry out the inspection and acceptance of the project. After the project acceptance is up to the standard, the project acceptance record will be presented.

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