Concrete pump arm shaking more serious reasons

2023-02-04 10:27:38 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck boom shaking is also a common problem at present, especially when the concrete pump truck above 49 meters unfolds the boom, there will be more remote control or swing, some shaking float is relatively small and some is relatively large,

So why does this happen? Let's look at it.

1, concrete pump truck boom steel selection, many users pursue inexpensive, high-end configuration will not be sold in accordance with the low allocation, so the steel is very key toughness, good steel swing will also have a small range, in about 3 cm.

2. The hydraulic cylinder of the concrete pump truck is also the core component of the extension of the pump truck. Then the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is not good, and the weight of the bearing boom will be depressed.

3. Operation problems, when the boom is extended, many people will stop stretching in time, which will also cause the boom to float too much, generally there is no problem. If we try to avoid emergency stop when pumping, to prevent the boom from breaking.

So when buying concrete pump car configuration is very key, it is recommended to buy before consulting configuration and go to the manufacturer to study before purchase.

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