Whether hydraulic cloth machine can replace manual

2023-02-04 10:16:57 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

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Many construction units are more concerned about whether the use of hydraulic cloth can replace artificial concrete cloth. Because of the increase of labor cost, intelligent concrete cloth is also a development trend, but the hydraulic cloth machine needs a process to achieve full intelligence.

But the hydraulic cloth machine only needs 1-2 people to carry out the project construction, according to the traditional concrete pouring, then the saving of the hydraulic cloth machine personnel is relatively large, can save 3-5 people, so the saved personnel cost, a project completion period,

You can buy a hydraulic cloth machine, the life of the hydraulic cloth machine 8-10 years, so the overall calculation is still more cost-effective.

1. Labor cost. The construction unit hopes to save personnel cost, so the hydraulic cloth machine can save 3-5 people.

2, construction efficiency, the improvement of construction results is also to promote the progress of the construction project, so the hydraulic cloth machine can be completed 30 days in advance of the project.

3, no cold joint pouring, traditional concrete pouring cold joint is normal, hydraulic cloth machine can be one-time pouring molding, avoid the appearance of cold joint.

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