How does hydraulic distributor avoid concrete cold seam

2023-02-04 09:55:04 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

The occurrence of concrete cold joint is caused by concrete deterioration or uneven pouring, so how should we avoid the occurrence of concrete cold joint? The traditional concrete pouring method can not be very good evenly spread the concrete, when the concrete accumulation of a lot of stop pumping, concrete in the evenly spread when the loss of water, so that the concrete has a qualitative change, the adhesion can not reach the good effect of cold joint will appear.

Concrete cold joint

1, the pumping speed of the hydraulic distributing machine, the concrete cloth needs to be poured on a point and then spread out the concrete, so the water loss of the concrete will be very large, the concrete quality of the mixing station is carried out in accordance with the standard, then to the construction site, because of the accumulation of concrete caused qualitative change, Therefore, the hydraulic distributor can evenly pour the concrete to the required position when the concrete is poured, so that the concrete does not have any moisture or quality changes.

Hydraulic distributor

2, the convenience of hydraulic cloth machine, traditional cloth is a lot of people to move, then the consumption of time when moving, when moving to another point, the concrete has had a qualitative change, concrete pouring again, in front of the concrete can not be poured and now poured concrete fusion and connection, concrete solidification will appear cold joints.

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