Construction safety How should we do protection

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Construction safety is also the top priority of construction units, each construction project is affixed with the word "safety first", this is not just to say, this also proves the importance of construction safety, construction units are mostly on what to do a good job of safety protection measures.

1, the outer safety protection of the building, the traditional outer protection is the use of rain cloth or gauze for protection, with the development of science and technology, these traditional protective measures in some backward construction fields can be seen, now are using climbing mold or climbing frame for protection, climbing mold or climbing frame not only improve the protective measures, but also in the construction of the floor of the personnel mobile

On the role of safety, in a four - sided ring with protective measures on the climbing die construction, security can be imagined.

Construction safety

2, the safety of the hydraulic cloth machine, the traditional concrete cloth is to use a hopper to lift or a group of construction personnel pull the concrete conveying pipe, on the floor wire mesh to move, so the safety can not be guaranteed, the hydraulic cloth machine is wireless remote control for concrete pouring, so it can be operated at a distance, Drizzle weather does not affect the construction.

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3, tower crane safety measures, tower crane safety measures are very good in the market at present, according to the project situation to rationalization design, the use of safe installation and the role of the wall, the general tower crane as long as the lifting weight within the bearing range will not collapse phenomenon, unless in the event of natural disasters.

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