How to ensure the safety of hydraulic distributor installation

2023-02-04 09:23:25 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Hydraulic distributor in concrete equipment is also a large concrete conveying equipment, when installing the hydraulic distributor, the construction unit first takes into account the security, especially the installation of the hydraulic distributor, the distributor is suspended in the beam of the climbing mold or fixed on the steel platform, most of them are welded to strengthen the link, After many times of installation "Xinrui Heavy Industry" after-sales personnel found that the welding mode of link has a certain uncontrollable potential factors and risks, in "Xinrui Heavy Industry" technology and after-sales department after discussion developed a set of high safety way to process the hydraulic fabric machine and climb the mold link.

Hydraulic distributor

1, the disadvantages of the welding way, according to the project situation, in the climbing mold installation fixed cloth machine using the welding way is not desirable, hydraulic cloth machine in the transport of concrete at the same time will produce vibration, climbing mold also has a certain vibration, in this case there is a phenomenon of welding, resulting in the hydraulic cloth machine and the climbing mold of the disconnect between the risk.

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2, bolt reinforcement hydraulic cloth machine in the mold frame installation, in order to prevent off welding and crack, coupled with the hoop or screw 2 reinforcement, the pressure plate with 50mm thickness is safer, bolt diameter is 30mm.

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