How to install and arrange tower type hydraulic distributor

2023-02-03 13:53:03 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Tower type hydraulic cloth machine in the installation of the fixed installation according to the construction project situation, but also to meet the installation conditions, many projects the original choice of fixed position and program is not necessarily suitable for installation conditions, so what is in line with the installation conditions, then we have a look at:

1. When installing the tower type hydraulic distributor, it is necessary to consider whether there is any influence of other equipment (such as: tower crane) when the distance is too close, it is easy to have a collision, so long there will be a party damaged, which violates the original intention of the tower type hydraulic distributor, but also let the concrete pouring slow down.

Tower type hydraulic distributor installation

2, tower type hydraulic distribution machine installation of elevator shaft, high-rise buildings with elevator shaft, the tower is installed in the elevator shaft, this is also a way of installation, so the use of the elevator shaft reinforcement but more safe, most elevator shaft are in the center of the floor. Also played a comprehensive pouring coverage effect.

Tower type hydraulic distributor elevator shaft installation

3, tower type hydraulic cloth machine installed outside the building, many buildings are not suitable for installation in the inside of the building or elevator shaft, such as: large storage, nuclear power plant and other projects, can only be installed in the tower type hydraulic cloth machine next to the building,

(1) It is to prevent the concrete from being poured and the tower type distributor from being split.

(2) A lot of inaccessible locations will become an obstacle when mixing trucks transport concrete.

(3) Can play a better pouring and direction control.

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