What are the reasons for the explosion of concrete distributing machine

2023-02-03 13:36:46 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete pipe

Concrete conveying pipe leakage or pipe explosion is also the construction unit has been more worrying things, many construction units because of the pipe explosion can not transport concrete seriously delayed construction progress, then the concrete conveying machine pipe burst what are the causes of:

1, concrete high grade, construction units know that there are many kinds of concrete grade, especially the bridge, high-speed rail and other projects are using relatively high concrete pouring, then the ordinary material is the conveying pipe conveying concrete is C30 grade, then with the ordinary conveying pipe conveying C50 above the concrete so long easy to explode.

2, the concrete conveying pipe wear leads to tube explosion, in the delivery of relatively poor concrete, the stone in the concrete and conveying pipe friction is larger, then the conveying pipe wall thickness friction is relatively thin, in the high strength pressure of the conveying pump and conveying under the concrete conveying pipe can not withstand the pressure and tube explosion.

Conveyor pipe elbow

3, super high-rise transmission pipe explosion, the higher the height of the transmission pipe, the greater the pressure of the transmission pipe will be, the transmission pipe in the high-rise concrete transmission pipe can not withstand its own pressure and the pressure of the transmission pump resulting in the explosion.

4, pipe blocking caused by pipe explosion, as long as the general concrete quality to go to basically will not block pipe explosion, most of the pipe blocking place is in the elbow position, because a large number of stones block the concrete is conveying, concrete can not be smooth conveying under high strength pressure, the transmission pipe inside the super strength pressure, the transmission pipe can not bear such a large pressure resulting in pipe explosion. Conclusion: When we transport concrete, it is time to know the material and conveying height of the conveying pipe, so that we can better control the wear degree. When used for a period of time, we knock the conveying pipe to judge whether the conveying pipe wear degree needs to be replaced. When the pipe is blocked, the concrete conveying should be stopped in time, or the concrete conveying pump should be reversed. If the inversion does not play an effect, it can only knock the pipe blocking position to remove the stone.

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