Advantages of hydraulic distributor

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There are many comparative advantages of hydraulic distributor and traditional concrete pouring. At present, most construction units and construction units prefer this kind of intelligent concrete pouring equipment, which improves the construction efficiency and strengthens the safety factor at the same time. So let's take a look at the advantages of hydraulic distributor?

Hydraulic distributor

1, flexibility: the arm of the hydraulic cloth machine is currently "R-type folding arm" and "Z-type segment arm" in the floor or column pouring, the protruding steel structure will not affect the rotation of the arm, ordinary cloth machine can only be horizontal pouring, encounter obstacles can not be avoided or crossed, hydraulic cloth machine can be freestyle telescopic rotation over the obstacles.

2. Easy to use: Hydraulic distributing machine is a kind of intelligent remote control of concrete pouring equipment, in the floor pouring, the floor of the link bar is bound with iron wire a step will deformation and release, which has an impact on the quality of the floor, so many projects prohibit personnel to walk on the steel bar, the use of wireless remote control to avoid the construction personnel to walk, It can achieve the effect of which to play, improve the construction efficiency, the traditional cloth machine should use the tower crane to move but also to change the direction of the pipe and the traction rope.

3, construction efficiency: traditional cloth machine construction requires more than 3 people to pour, do not pour a certain range of need to move or use the traction rope to change the direction, so a waste of time and personnel costs, hydraulic cloth machine can be one-time casting molding, 360 degrees hydraulic rotation, fully achieve the effect of intelligent concrete pouring.

4, safety: hydraulic cloth machine installation: Mold frame fixed installation, elevator shaft installation, floor hole installation three ways, no matter which kind of installation is to achieve the safety factor before the construction, can be carried out in the 6 level of wind construction, ordinary cloth machine can not achieve this effect, do not need to worry about concrete pouring vibration safety risks, ordinary cloth machine can not operate.

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