How to install shipborne distributor

2023-02-03 11:03:47 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Marine spreader

Concrete cloth machine most models are more, according to different projects have matching concrete cloth machine, installation methods have their own strengths, shipborne cloth machine installation "Xinrui Heavy Industry" for example is the use of welding method to strengthen the ship's splint and cloth machine connection, such a way to install what are the benefits?

1. Welding fixing can make the base of the cloth machine better and more firmly placed on the ship's splint, avoiding the loosening of bolt fixing or the swing of the weight installation. When the ship is swaying, the weight installation is more dangerous.

2, the reinforcement of ship splint, welding installation, generally for the sake of safety and conservatism, the ship splint will be strengthened, the reinforcement of welding, so that the force area and fastness of the splint will be strengthened a lot, welding will be more stable and safe.

3, shipborne cloth machine is generally installed in the front of the bin, the back of the concrete pump and mixing tank to link to the output position of the cloth machine, so as to form a whole.

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