Concrete pump chassis several Bridges good

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Concrete pump truck

Concrete pump chassis

Concrete pump car chassis relatively speaking, many encounter on the market are three or four Bridges more, because of the size of the concrete pump car, 25 meters -56 meters pump car three Bridges more, more suitable for smooth road surface driving on the road uneven or convex road surface to test the quality of the chassis!

Concrete pump truck several Bridges good

Many people have different views on the concrete pump chassis several Bridges, in fact, there is a relationship with the road environment.

The road (domestic) is relatively flat and wide road surface, the chassis bridge number is less when turning the pump car body is more flexible, the span is smaller than the bridge.

Many roads (abroad) are relatively poor, especially when driving in the desert or uneven road, the chassis bridge of the concrete pump truck requires more points, one more bridge is equal to four more wheels, the load protection of the concrete pump truck is also a safety, the pump car also plays a great stability when driving bumpy.

Concrete pump truck practicability

Concrete pump truck bridge more and less bridge is closely related to the environment, according to the driving road and construction environment, the bad environment in order to ensure the safety of the bridge but played a certain safety, so can not compare, depending on the environment.

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