Concrete pump truck plugging pipe removal method and prevention

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Concrete pump truck

Q: The reason why the concrete pump truck blocked the pipe

There are many reasons for pipe blocking of concrete pump truck. The most common pipe blocking is because of concrete segregation, because concrete segregation is easy to be blocked by stones when pumped. Concrete pump car pressure plugging pipe is also a more common, when the pressure of the concrete pump car is not enough, the concrete in the conveying pipe can not be transported to the destination, the concrete is retained in the conveying pipe, the concrete in the conveying pipe is prone to qualitative change and become sticky, stone precipitation to the elbow accumulation, easy to lead to concrete plugging pipe.

Q: What do you do first to block the pipe of the concrete pump truck

When the concrete pump truck finds the pipe blocked, it stops pumping in time and carries out reverse pumping first (the concrete in the conveying pipe is sucked into the hopper). The reverse pumping system has a certain effect. When the reverse has no effect, it is necessary to stop the concrete pump truck immediately, check the location of the pipe blocked, and remove the stones in the pipe blocked after the connecting pipe card is opened.

Q: Why do concrete pump trucks need to be dealt with immediately

The concrete pump car needs to immediately deal with the reasons for blocking the pipe, the concrete has heat plus the influence of the environment and weather, the concrete is prone to water loss and concrete solidification, more than 4 hours concrete will be in the conveying pipe, the concrete in the conveying pipe after solidification can not be used.

Q: How do concrete pump trucks prevent plugging

1, concrete pump truck to prevent pipe blocking, we should first look at the quality and ratio of concrete, concrete will not choose the distance is far away, the distance from the project is far away from the concrete easy to change.

2, the size of the stone in the concrete, the general concrete pump truck concrete stone requirements of 40mm-50mm, if the stone is too big, it is easy to block the pipe.

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