The whole process of condensate pump operation

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Concrete towing pump

Preparation work:

The concrete haulage pump is placed on flat, solid ground. There should be no obstacles in the surrounding environment. After laying down the legs and expanding and adjusting the bolts of the four legs, the body of the equipment should be kept level and stable, and the tires should be firmly wedged.

Boot pumping operation:

Turn on the main power switch button, press the start button of the electronic controller to run the engine, increase the throttle running gear, the value of the instrument panel should reach 1500.

The link line of the remote control is connected to the towed pump, the electric controller is operated to the manual remote control, and the green pumping button is pressed. During the pumping process, the operator should observe the feeding situation of the hopper. In the abnormal state of pumping, press the red emergency stop button and then stop the operation, the cable switch is reset, and the main power switch button is closed.

Pipe distribution:

Pay attention to the pipe should not be suspended when distributing, support the conveying pipe in sections, check the connection seal of the conveying pipe to prevent leakage. When the abnormal state of the conveying pipe occurs, it is necessary to press the button of the electric control device to the reverse pump to return the concrete in the conveying pipe to the hopper before stopping for inspection.

Plugging pipe:

When the pipe is blocked, the pump can be reversed several times, and then open the positive pump, so repeated several times, generally the blocked pipe can be excluded, if not dredged should stop the positive pump, using the knocking method to check the location of the blocked pipe, remove the pump pipe after cleaning the installation.

Cleaning pipe:

Pipe cleaning is carried out at the same time with the cloth machine, put the sponge ball with water stuck into the hose of the cloth machine and then press the reverse pump button until the sponge ball falls into the hopper and cleaning is completed.

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