The column character and function of concrete hydraulic distributor

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Concrete distributor

The new type of cloth machine contains a cloth machine column, on the basis of controlling the weight of the cloth machine, effectively improve the structure stiffness of the cloth machine, enhance the structure stability of the cloth machine column, reduce the production cost. The column steel structure consumption of Xinrui Heavy Industry is very solid. For example, the column of our 32-meter hydraulic distributor has 4 tons, and the rotating chassis uses 6 tons. 200X200 channel steel structure is used. So in the use of materials to increase the cost of production. Safety will also be greatly improved.


The body of the column is provided with an auxiliary support piece along the length direction.

2. The body of the column includes the support plate steel structure of the column arranged respectively on four sides, and the auxiliary support plate is arranged on the edge of the steel structure, and the steel structure of the four support plates is fixed and connected together.

The body of the column consists of two fixed connected trough bending plates, and the auxiliary support is fixed on the inner wall or outer wall of the trough bending.

The auxiliary support includes section steel or steel pipe arranged inside the four corners of the column body.

5. A diaphragm board and a reinforcing rod are arranged at the interval between the extension degree of the body side of the column. The diaphragm hole is vertically arranged on the inner wall of the column body in the direction of the screen in the longitudinal direction of the column, and the reinforcing rod is arranged on the inner side of the column body along the vertical length.


According to the column of the cloth machine, including the column body, the length direction of the column body is provided with auxiliary support parts, through the auxiliary support parts to achieve auxiliary support, can greatly improve the structural steel and stability of the column, reduce the thickness of the column support plate, avoid a large increase in the weight of the column itself. A plate is set between the section steel and the column body to further improve the steel of the column, thus enhancing the deformation resistance of the column. At least one reinforcing plate is arranged in the length direction of the inner surface of the column body, which effectively increases the local steel of the column.

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