How to deal with oil leakage found in the construction of concrete distributor

2023-02-02 13:08:07 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete distributor

The concrete distributor should be maintained in daily maintenance. If the hydraulic components fail, we must stop construction immediately. Check the reason and repair and maintain our spreader.

Concrete distributor in the construction process, there will be oil seepage or oil leakage phenomenon, oil level and oil sharply reduced, causing serious damage to the stability of the distribution valve and components, damage to electrical components. In view of the particularity of oil leakage, we must do a good job of basic inspection, long-term maintenance and adjustment. When oil leakage is found in the inspection process, the screw should be tightened in time or the severity should be determined whether to replace the tubing.

Check the concentration and quality of butter, and check whether the quality of butter decreases or deteriorates, so as to avoid other types of operation faults caused by the decrease of oil quality or oil temperature.

When using a concrete distributor, mechanical equipment should be maintained to maintain its super high performance, reduce failure and bring greater benefits to the company. Therefore, our daily maintenance of concrete cloth machine is more important.

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