Concrete pump truck operation full steps

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Concrete pump truck

Prior to construction, the staff who operate the concrete pump truck must undergo special technical training. Familiar with the mechanical properties of the pump truck, master the operation methods and precautions, carefully follow the safety responsibilities of this position during construction, and comply with the relevant safety regulations on site.

Stand the voltage switch up. This is on so we can operate the pump truck.

1. Chassis starting and power switching:

(1) Pull the handbrake on, and the gear handle modulates the neutral position (this position is the pumping position). Then turn on the PTO power engine.

(2) The switch button to adjust the pumping position. Until the indicator light on, release the switch automatic return.

(3) Then hang the pump gear, and hang the handle to the 8th gear position.

Note: After setting up the gear, the hydraulic system must be allowed to warm up for a few minutes before operating the leg, boom, pumping, etc.

Two, leg operation: before the operation of leg, must clear the obstacles around the leg.

(1) Before operating the leg, the button of the control state must be modulated into the proximity control position.

(2) On the left and right sides of the pump car, there are a set of leg operating valves to control the expansion, expansion and lifting of the leg.

Specific operation method:

a) Press down the button switch above the leg operating valve, and then press down or press up the corresponding leg operating handle to control the action of the leg.

b) First spread the supporting legs of the vehicle to the ground, pay attention to the supporting legs below the ground on the pad, the pad plays a large area of force, so that the concrete pump truck more stable.

c) Check the level of the body and keep the balance to prevent overturning.

d) Then raise the legs to lift the wheels horizontally off the ground.

Three, boom operation: before the operation of the boom, it is necessary to understand the button and function of wireless remote control

(1) Before operating the boom, the control button must be modulated to convert the remote control position.

(2) Wireless remote control, press the start button, every 2-3 seconds to press again, when you hear a horn (indicating that the remote control is connected to the pump truck system)

(3) Boom start: expand 1 arm start up until about 85°, can move other arms. (Note that sometimes the boom cannot be started because the boom switch is not opened. The boom switch is open up and closed down.)

(4) Boom expansion sequence: Only when the first arm is deployed in place can the second arm be deployed, and only when the second arm is deployed to the horizontal position of 90° can the third arm be deployed. Only when the three arms are extended to the horizontal position can the four arms be extended.

(5) Rotation: Move the rotation button, you can swing the cloth left and right, you can rotate the cloth 360°.

Four, pumping operation:

The remote control presses the pump button (up the button is positive pump, down the button is anti pump), the piston starts to move, and the pumping process starts to move. If you break the button in the middle at the end of the job, you stop pumping.

Reverse pump is: after the end of the work when the tube is washed, the concrete cleaning ball is cleaned again. Or when you plug a pipe

Note: After the pumping starts, the displacement should be adjusted to 30% and the pumping speed should be even. After stopping pumping, the remaining concrete in the hopper should be pumped clean, the sponge ball with water absorption into the end of the hose, press the reverse pump key, the sponge ball reverse pumping suction into the hopper. Finish cleaning the pipe.

Five. Retract the boom: shrink the boom to the driving position. The order is reversed from expansion.

Arm order: First stand up 1 arm, stand up to 90° first collect 4 arms, then collect 3 arms, then collect 2 arms, then collect 1 arm (arm order, first stand up 1 arm, as long as the back arm does not interfere, you can arbitrarily operate other arms). Get stuck in the pre-drive position and finish.

Six, income and expenditure leg:

The control state button is modulated into the proximity control position. Operation of the leg button, one side at the same time, the other side of the body should be horizontal position. In case the car overturned.

To sum up:

The voltage switch needs to be turned off when the operation is complete.

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