What is the concrete equipment

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Concrete equipment can be seen everywhere, building houses or mixing trucks on the road belong to concrete equipment, then concrete equipment contains what machinery, let's understand the concrete equipment system is big.

Mixing plant

Mixing station is also a large equipment of concrete equipment, it can be said that concrete equipment is more important mechanical equipment, all concrete mixing station is needed to complete the concrete mixing station, all mixing station is also a kind of concrete equipment.

Concrete tank car

Concrete mixing truck is also relatively familiar with mechanical equipment, concrete mixing needs to be transported by mixing truck, because mixing tank with mixing system and insulation effect, is a very practical and fast mode of transportation, will not let the concrete deteriorate.

Concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck is also an indispensable mechanical equipment for construction. When the mixing truck transports the concrete to the project construction site, the concrete pump truck is an indispensable concrete mechanical equipment, so the concrete equipment also has a place in the concrete pump truck.

Concrete towing pump

Concrete pump is mainly for concrete transport equipment, relative to the concrete pump car, concrete pump cost-effective, do not use concrete pump truck transport concrete can be used for concrete pump pumping, although no concrete pump truck convenient, but is one of the important equipment in the concrete equipment.

Concrete truck-mounted pump

Concrete truck-mounted pump can be said to be the mobile version of the concrete trailer pump, concrete truck-mounted pump is to put the trailer pump on the car, so that you can move freely, can be said to be concrete pumping equipment, in addition to the concrete pump car another convenient concrete equipment.

Concrete distributor

Concrete distributor is also one of the concrete equipment, mainly to make up for the concrete pump car can not reach the position or height of pouring concrete, concrete distributor can climb with the height of the building, concrete pump car can not reach at a certain height, then concrete distributor will make up for the height of the short board, with concrete pump, Is also a fixed concrete pump truck function, cost-effective is also high, is currently the construction unit more popular concrete equipment.

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