Zhejiang Truemax Engineering Co.,Ltd won the honor

2022-09-27 09:23:05 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

By one hundred construction nets with JianXie certification center jointly organized the "2017 China construction industrial chain supplies and supply new model" and "brand building" peak BBS was held in Shanghai on December 16, released 2016 "potter star" in one hundred China's construction industry characteristic brand enterprise.On the BBS, China's construction industry association deputy secretary-general king wan, vice chairman of the China association for tendering and bidding and managing deputy secretary-general xiao-lin li, Beijing JianXie certification center co., LTD., chairman of hai-shan wang etc on behalf of the sustainable development for Chinese construction enterprises in-depth discussion on the brand and market innovation.Association, trimming, premium quality around the construction enterprise, top real estate developers, remember good building materials, equipment supplier and media such as a total of more than 700 people, more than 500 enterprises.Zhejiang letter rui heavy industry was rated as "star in one hundred as" Chinese excellent enterprise brand construction characteristics.


"Star in one hundred as" China's construction industry characteristic brand enterprise is by the construction of one hundred web "and" JianXie certification center "jointly, online voting, expert final review, selected construction characteristic brand outstanding enterprises in China and China construction characteristic brand quality materials equipment suppliers 50 each.Zhejiang rui heavy industry won the award letter, for the brand to write down the milestone of the development of the thick ink color of a thick.