Concrete distributor operation is easy to plug several places

2023-02-02 12:59:09 Concrete pump trucks-factory-Truemax Read

Concrete pipe

Concrete distributing machine with concrete drag pump in the work of cloth, plugging is a phenomenon often seen in fei, today to make a summary of the easy to plug the place, so that we can avoid the problem of plugging pipe when working.

1. In general, the main pipe plugging is caused by the segregation of concrete. (The segregation of concrete was caused by improper operation)

2. There is another place where pipe blocking is easy to occur at the 90° bend where the arm and forearm are connected in the concrete distributor.

3. The discharge port hose is easy to be blocked, and the hose is blocked in the pouring. When the medicine is needed, the material is sucked back to the hopper, and then replaced manually in time.

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