Concrete pump car specific configuration

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Concrete pump truck

Main configuration

1. Boom system

By conveying pipe, fabric rod, boom, boom cylinder, connecting parts, etc

Two, chassis system

By the car chassis, PTO(transfer box) and auxiliary beam and so on several parts.

3. Turret structure on the boom:

It is composed of turntable, rotary mechanism, fixed turret (connecting frame) and supporting structure.

Four, pumping system:

It is composed of six parts: pumping mechanism, hopper, S valve assembly, swing mechanism, mixing mechanism, lubrication system, and concrete conveying pipe and boom.

Five, hydraulic system

It is mainly divided into pumping hydraulic system and boom hydraulic system. The pumping hydraulic system includes the main pumping oil system, the distribution valve oil system, the stirring oil system and the pump oil system. Boom hydraulic system includes boom oil circuit system, leg oil circuit system and rotary oil circuit system. The hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, valve group, accumulator, hydraulic motor and other hydraulic components.

Vi. Electric control system

It is mainly composed of control cabinet, PLC controller and other electrical components.

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