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a) The new design of the top structure, the structure layout of the vehicle is better than that of peers and even well-known brands, and the distribution of the center of gravity of the vehicle and the perspective of comfortable driving control are fully taken into account from the control perspective. The independent engine is installed and the frame is arranged in the same direction, the vehicle is more stable, more comfortable to operate, the reversing Angle is wider, the docking installation outlet connection pipe is faster and safer, the equipment quickly enters the pumping state after the approach, greatly improving the engineering efficiency.

Truck-mounted transfer pump

b) Industry-leading configuration pumping system 1: This machine has the special advantage of high pressure and large displacement transportation, users can choose reasonably according to the project's requirements on concrete conveying height (or distance) and displacement. Adopts the industry large diameter 230mm concrete cylinder, not only to meet the large displacement but also to meet the high pressure push output, stirring device design successfully solved the domestic similar pump leakage problem, has greater advantages and reliability than other forms, blade design is unique, stirring range is wide, boost design suction performance industry level, Suitable for C15-C70 range of concrete formula pumping.

Truck-mounted transfer pump

c) Industry-leading configuration pumping system 2: Equipped with a larger 170mm cylinder diameter main cylinder of the vehicle-mounted pump of the same level in the industry, to ensure higher pumping outlet pressure, to eliminate the loss and interruption caused by pipe blocking during construction, and a limit mechanism with high reliability structure at the end of the cylinder. It also has the function of reverse pump with and without rod cavity, which can be used as a means to remove the blocked pipe if the phenomenon of temporary plugging occurs. Special configuration is added to the cylinder pipe to achieve ultra-low no-load pressure in the industry and reflect the excellent performance of the equipment system.

d) New technology + new process: new double ring structure technology of hard alloy glass plate and cutting ring, high tungsten carbide, life is about twice as high as the general material, better than imported products glass plate square amount can reach 50,000 square (C25).

Truck-mounted transfer pump

e) Automatic throttle control system: ECU and CPU closed-loop linkage control technology is adopted to automatically adjust the throttle according to equipment construction requirements and load size, so as to keep the engine always in high quality working conditions, real-time control of engine power, and optimize power and operation conditions. Fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 10%, saving energy and effectively reducing operating costs.

f) Stepless regulation of pumping displacement: the proportional control technology is introduced into the concrete towing pump, adjusted by remote control or pan button, and the pumping volume of concrete is changed by controlling the current. The pumping volume can be stepless adjusted within 0-100m3 to adapt to different working conditions.

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